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     My courses are student driven and place emphasis on clear     communication, critical thinking, textual analysis, and building useful skills for the workplace. In addition to traditional assignments such as book reviews and argumentative essays, students in my courses have extensive opportunities for hands-on learning, including archival research and academic writing practicums

where students hone their writing and citation skills.

     At Kansas State University, I teach courses on Kansas, the American West, the Civil War and Reconstruction, the history of slavery and abolition, the long nineteenth century, and undergraduate survey courses. I teach HIST908: Nineteenth Century America on rotation and supervise both master's and doctoral students.


A selection of sample syllabi and assignments from various undergraduate and graduate courses are available upon request.


"Her syllabus is

thorough and detailed.... She publishes the standard and she expects all students to meet the standard. She is exceptionally

knowledgeable of the subject matter and she is constantly willing to assist any student in need of assistance."

Nineteenth-Century America Graduate Student (2022)

"I truly loved this course and it has been my favorite class to take at Kansas State so far. I was one of a few girls in the class and the only freshman.... Dr. Epps helped me every step of the way and made resources available to education majors to use in their classrooms in the future. I cannot recommend this class enough and look forward to taking more classes with Dr. Epps!"

History of Kansas Student (2023)

"I liked that Dr. Epps strongly encouraged student participation, made every part of the class relevant and interesting, [and] interacted with students to fully explain concepts. I LOVED HER!!!!!!!"

U.S. Survey Student (2018)

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