My courses are student driven and place emphasis on clear communication, critical thinking, and building useful skills for the workplace. In addition to traditional assignments such as book reviews and argumentative essays, students in my courses complete innovative work such as blogging and digital humanities projects. 

At the University of Central Arkansas, where I was employed until Spring 2020, my course offerings included:

HIST2301: The Making of America (i.e. U.S. History I)

HIST2320: Introduction to Historical Research

HIST3353: African American History before 1868

HIST4322: The Early National Period

HIST4330: The Civil War and Reconstruction

HIST4324: Religion in Early America (special topics)

HIST4391: The Memory and Meaning of the Civil War (special topics)

HIST6300: Historiography and Methods (graduate)

HIST6315: The Civil War Era (graduate)

At my previous institutions (the University of Kansas and Colorado State University--Pueblo), I taught both halves of the undergraduate U.S. history survey, as well as courses on Kansas history, women and social reform, the Early Republic and antebellum era, and historiography. I also taught graduate courses on the Civil War, the long nineteenth-century United States, and historical theory.

"Dr. Epps is a great teacher! One of the best professors I've had at UCA. She is very passionate about history which shows through her lectures. She explains things thoroughly and is always open to any questions students may have during lecture. I have learned a lot about our history in this course."

HIST2301 Student (2015)

"Dr. Epps is a fantastic speaker and was very engaging with her lessons. Always helps when a professor loves what they teach. Way to turn around the stigma of general education courses."

HIST2301 Student (2016)

"The variety of assignments helped me to understand different concepts, like historiography and primary sources.... Dr. Epps always provided us with links to any resource she thought would be beneficial to our learning, which was very helpful and interesting."

HIST4330 Student (2014)

I liked that Dr. Epps strongly encouraged student participation, made every part of the class relevant and interesting, [and] interacted with students to fully explain concepts. I LOVED HER!!!!!!!

HIST2301 Student (2018)

A selection of sample syllabi and assignments from various undergraduate and graduate courses are available upon request.